Family Business Mentor Training

Family Business Mentor Training is a 20days course for those who can be a mentor for Family Business Entrepreneurs, training beneficiaries on systematic management, and tools for the entrepreneurs.


Each module consists of 4 days, with a month gap in between.

  1. Business Model and Mindset
  2. Marketing and Strategies
  3. Methodology and Didactics for Trainers/Mentors
  4. Financial, Time, and Change Management
  5. Relationship and Multiplication

Objectives of this Training

  • To create employment and become independent by starting and successfully managing businesses.
  • To provide proper counseling and guidance to the surrounding individuals regarding business management, work efficiency, and livelihood.
  • Become an excellent entrepreneurship mentor preparing yourself professionally.

Who can join?

  • Business Entreprenuer
  • Experience in the Business Field
  • People who are involved in Teaching/Mentoring
  • People who are involved in Teaching/Mentoring
  • Leadership Role (Church, Clubs, Organizations, and Business)

Materials used:

  • Family Business Booklet
  • 10 Commandments for Entrepreneurs Book
  • Book Study Booklet
  • Swiss Create Business Manager (SCBM)

Training Fee

Rs. 6000 per module

Interested? Join the 2024 Program: