Business Development Trainings

Business related Trainings

1. Family Business Mentor Training

Family Business Mentor Training is a 20days course for those who can be a mentor for Family Business Entrepreneurs, training beneficiaries on systematic management, and tools for the entrepreneurs.


Each module consists of 4 days, with a month gap in between.

  1. Business Model and Mindset
  2. Marketing and Strategies
  3. Methodology and Didactics for Trainers/Mentors
  4. Financial, Time, and Change Management
  5. Relationship and Multiplication

Objectives of this Training

  • To create employment and become independent by starting and successfully managing businesses.
  • To provide proper counseling and guidance to the surrounding individuals regarding business management, work efficiency, and livelihood.
  • Become an excellent entrepreneurship mentor preparing yourself professionally.

Who can join?

  • Business Entreprenuer
  • Experience in the Business Field
  • People who are involved in Teaching/Mentoring
  • People who are involved in Teaching/Mentoring
  • Leadership Role (Church, Clubs, Organizations, and Business)

Materials used:

  • Family Business Booklet
  • 10 Commandments for Entrepreneurs Book
  • Book Study Booklet
  • Swiss Create Business Manager (SCBM)

Training Fee

Rs. 6000 per module

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2. Family Business Training

Family Business Training also known as FBT is mainly organized by the graduates’ Family Business Mentors who are licensed to organize and conduct the FBT. Mentors partner with COM Nepal on this program. Graduated mentor organizes FBT in their local area, their groups, and communities addressing those peoples who are doing their business or also who are about to start a business.


  1. Business Mindset and Business Model (2 days)
  2. Marketing and Strategies (2 days)
  3. Financial Management, Time and Change Management (2 days)
  4. Business Relationships and Multiplication (2 days)

COM Office: 9843454833, 9810090823

East Regional, Bikram Limbu: 9801407174

West Regional, Hari Prasad Regmi: 9857028521

Career Development Trainings

Career related trainings

1. My Profession Mentor Training

My Profession Mentor Training is a 12-day course, where mentors will be youth leaders, individuals working with youth movement, teachers, leaders working with students, mentors will gain knowledge on how people can be professional with their positive mindset and developing competencies, so after graduating this course licensed mentor can train youths.


  1. Mindset, Identification “That’s me”
  2. Didactics and Methodology for Trainers/Mentors
  3. Professional Development
  4. Relation

Who can join?

  • Youth Leaders
  • Young Entrepreneurs
  • Teachers
  • ones working among students
  • who is involved in youth mobilization/movement

Training Fee

Rs. 5000 per module

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2. My Profession Training

My Profession Training is the training conducted by the graduated My Profession Mentors who help youth on their communities to find their careers growing professionally.


  1. Professional Development & Competences (3 days)
  2. Team Development (3 days)

COM Office: 9843454833, 9810090823

East Regional, Bikram Limbu: 9801407174

West Regional, Hari Prasad Regmi: 9857028521

3. My Job Training

My Job Training is designed for employees working in a family business companies or any other organization, becoming excellent at their jobs.

Other Additional Trainings

Other trainings

1. Risk Management

2. Micro Lending Program

Micro Lending Program is designed for individuals who want to involve in the microcredits, with this program they will learn the importance